1. Describe at least one important character in the written text. Explain how this character is revealed to you throughout the text and/or how this character helps you understand an important theme/idea in the novel.

In the novel ´Wild Pork and Wildercress´ by Barry Crump, a main important character is Ricky Baker. In the beginning, Ricky reveals to us that he is a fat Maori boy, whose parents both left him when he was younger, and is a victim of the failing social welfare system. He is always underestimated by everyone around him, who thinks that he is a stupid, rebellious, stubborn typical Maori.

Crump will often use colloquial language for Ricky as that was the language spoken at and Ricky picked it up through osmosis. Ricky would use a lot of idiomatic language

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  1. Introduce your theme and main points you will discuss in the introduction.
    Include first person point-of-view and the use of colloquial and idiomatic language. What is the effect of Crump’s use of this NZ Voice? – as we have been discussing this term!


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