In the novel ´Wild Pork and Wildercress´ by Barry Crump, a main important character is Ricky Baker. The story is told from Ricky’s point of view. In the beginning, Ricky reveals to us that he is a fat Maori boy, whose parents both left him when he was younger, and is a victim of the failing social welfare system. He is always underestimated by everyone around him, who thinks that he is just a fat Maori boy. Rick is taken to His Auntie and Uncles farm in rural Gisborne. The overall theme of the novel is the survival and perseverance of Ricky and Hec as they try to live in the Te Urewera wilderness. The failure of the social system is also an underlying theme as it does set the stage for the rest of the story

Crump will often use colloquial language for Ricky as that was the language spoken at and Ricky picked it up through osmosis. Ricky would use a lot of idiomatic language. Ricky also is very witty and at times cheeky to the annoyance of Uncle Hec. It is obvious that Ricky talks very colloquial and at time juvenile. This can be seen throughout the whole book,

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  1. Introduce your theme and main points you will discuss in the introduction.
    Include first person point-of-view and the use of colloquial and idiomatic language. What is the effect of Crump’s use of this NZ Voice? – as we have been discussing this term!


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